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Welcome to the New Green Asterisk

Published 1 month ago by Steve Beaudry

If you've visited before, you may have noticed that this website has undergone a few changes. I used to be a social media manager. As such, I had no need to go through the bother of creating my own website. I used some templates and tossed some stuff onto the 'net and that was that. I've stopped being a social media manager, however, and am now fully into that Dev life. Over a year ago I decided to begin really delving into learning web development and what you see before you is the fruit of that labor. This whole site was coded entirely by me in Laravel using vanilla JavaScript. Take a look around! And if you'd like to comment on any of the new blog posts, go ahead and log in using the service of your choice. Or you can send me an email through the Contact form.

The really interesting part is going to be the projects I have planned. If you're into TTRPGs, you'll wanna stick around for those.

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