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My mission is to build the very best websites possible.

My name is Steve Beaudry and I'm a web designer out of Tampa Florida. I've been trained to build websites for all kinds of purposes and would love to talk to you about your specific use case!

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best features



The beautiful design that gives apps meaningful utility.


The ability to design a web-based product.

Social Media

The voice that brings your product to the world.





best work


Catharicosa Notes

Note-taking app for TTRPG players

PHP, Tailwind, Alpine.js, Laravel, Livewire

Recipe Site

Repository for the best cookie recipe ever

JavaScript, Angular

Shopify Clone

Rebuilding Shopify's website with custom CSS


Allbirds Clone

Rebuilding Allbirds' website with custom CSS


Demo Dashboard

Recreation of a web-based dashboard



Using an ASP.NET API and Javascript to record Star Wars characters

CSS, Javascript, ASP.NET, C#

SW Card Game

Remember where the cards are before time runs out!

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, that Star Wars API I made

Flappy Bird

Remember this game from, like, 2012? I remade it.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Clean Blog

Another demonstration of a clean blog design


"Steve is one of those rare people that brands and companies should study on how to do social media content."

"Steve has an amazing grasp on social media and blog content. ... Highly recommend!"

"Steve is, hands-down, the most knowledgeable social media expert I've ever worked with."

"...ever since social media became a thing ... he seemed to know everything about every platform in a weird superuser kind of way."

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The Blog

Check out my custom-templated blog for a demonstration of my writing style.

Dark Matter

Dark Matter is a short story that imagines humanity's first quest to another galaxy and what happens in the void along the way. The following is an exciting preview:

I thought there must be a black drape over my window. Whatever was tapping had to be right there in plain view! And then I looked once more at the light. This time the trails of light were longer. They were going farther. And I understood. Whatever was out there was sucking up all the light. It was like it was... eating it. Or absorbing it. My room was darker without switching off the lights. The lights ran at full capacity, but this... thing outside my window gobbled up every last bit.

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